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Emily Eye Care, LLC
Lily Yeh, OD | Austin White, OD, MD

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Marco OPD 3-wave Scan

Marco OPD 3 wave Scan 300The 3 D Wave combines three advanced technologies- plus wavefront analysis- in one easy-to-use refractive diagnostic workstation. Now with a single device, we can obtain refraction (determines the prescriptions needed for glasses and contact lenses) , corneal topography ( map of curvature of the corneal shape) optical path difference (OPD help to determine if a patient is a candidate for LASIK and the refraction needed to correct their vision and wavefront analysis. The 3-D Wave allow us to evaluate patients comprehensively, perform refractive and cataract surgery. This measurement determine lens implant best suited for a patient in order to correct vision during cataract surgery, evaluate postoperative complaints, and determine pathology diagnosis.


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