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Dr. Lily Yeh –

Expert Optometrist: Dr. Lily Yeh

Originally a native of Taiwan, Dr. Yeh received her Doctor of Optometry from the Southern California College of Optometry, located in Fullerton, California. Before building her practice, she trained at the Washington State Tacoma Army and the San Bernadino Air Force’s clinics for ocular pathology. She also studied at the world’s largest low vision center in Santa Monica, California. The Connecticut State Board of Optometry certified her in the treatment of eye diseases and injuries. Owning a private practice has always been part of Dr. Yeh’s vision. Her dream realized after opening Emily Eye Care in 1990; Dr. Yeh continues to update her knowledge by taking extensive postgraduate courses in ocular pathology, innovative eye care technology, and pediatric vision care. Being passionate about technology, Emily Eye Care features some of the most state-of-the-art advancements in optical care. She finished a 10-year continuing education program in 2010 and recently completed her second 10-year CE program in 2020. She started her third CE program this year, taking courses every three months. Dr. Yeh has been servicing the Enfield area in optical care for over 30 years. She named Emily Eye Care after her second daughter Emily. During her free time, Dr. Yeh enjoys hiking, gardening, and going to the gym. She currently resides in Somers, Connecticut, with her three children: Danielle, Emily, and Max.

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Expert Optometrist: Dr. Austin White

Dr. Austin White received his Doctor of Optometry from State University of New York, College of Optometry in 1994 with a BS in Biological Science and AS in Applied Science & Ophthalmic Dispensing. Currently, he holds a Master in Healthcare Administration and is a candidate for his MD. Prior to becoming an optician and optometrist, Dr. White was a professional cricketer. Originally from the West Indies, he speaks English, French, and Spanish. Dr. White specializes in the fitting of specialty contact lenses, Corneal Reshaping Therapy, ocular disease treatment, diabetes and HIV/AIDS-related eye care. He has received the Geometric Optics Award, United States Achievement Academy National Collegiate Award, National Dean’s List, Summa Cum Laude, Schnurmacher Scholarship, and Montserrat Progressive Society Service Award.

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Dr. Austin White

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